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Clean Air Delivered®

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Why Filters4Air?

Filters4Air air filters are made in San Antonio, Texas, by real people who really care about cleaning your air.

Since 1995, we’ve supplied HVAC companies, hospitals, school districts, military bases, and retailers with the best air filters around. Our customers are our friends. 

Air filters aren’t fun. But we think we are! And we’ll do everything we can to give you the cleanest home.

Clean Air Delivered®


What Our Customers Have To Say

Filters4Air is going above and beyond to get us a filter promptly. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality of the filter.

Elizabeth Y. Designation

I ordered today, assuming the filter would be here in several days from now. Much to my surprise, it was delivered a little while ago! Boy, talk about fast service!!

Gib J. Designation

We love Filters4Air and I hope you will check them out. I really like supporting local businesses and keeping my money here in San Antonio.

Jonathan D. Designation

Have questions? We’ve got answers.

If you want clean air in your home, if you don’t want dust piling up…and if you want to take care of your AC, you need good air filters. Good-quality, often-changed air filters extend the life of your AC (90% of AC failures track back to dirty and low-quality air filters) and lower electricity bills.

It’s best to change your air filters every month. Every other month or every three months also works. Change them more often if you have pets or allergies, or if you live in the Texas heat (like we do)!

Look at your current air filter – the size will probably be printed on it. If you can’t find that, just measure the filter you have. If you get something that looks like 11 ½” x 15 ½” x ¾”, round up to 12” x 16” x 1”. Or call us. We can help.

MERV is a rating of the power of an air filter. Filters4Air sells MERV 10, MERV 11, and MERV 13. Here’s the lowdown:

  • MERV 10 is A-OK. Your budget-friendliest option will do a good job filtering out 75% of dust particles and mold spores.
  • MERV 11 is Superior. A Superior filter will clear your home’s air of about 85% of allergens, smoke, and pet hair. 
  • MERV 13 is Outstanding. This is what we send hospitals and doctors’ offices to filter 95% of bacteria and viruses from the air.

It’s super simple: You tell us what air filters you use and how often you want them to show up on your doorstep. We deliver. Cancel or make changes any time.

If you’re not smiling, we’re not smiling. Call us – we’ll make it right.