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Our Story


People in San Antonio call David Dilling The Filter King. That’s because since 1995 he’s been manufacturing the best air filters right in the heart of San Antonio’s Eastside neighborhood. 

People also call David, a.k.a. The Filter King…unfiltered. That’s because: 1) he doesn’t hold back (it’s never boring around here); and 2) David started Filters4Air digging through a dumpster.

A dumpster? Yes. When he started Filters4Air, spinning off his father’s filter company, David was intent on creating filters that clean our air. But he had no money, and no way to ship those filters to his handful of customers. But being unfiltered – and resourceful, and pretty scrappy – David made things happen: he rummaged through dumpsters behind the old Eckerd Drugs and found discarded boxes, which he repurposed as shipping containers for his air filters. 

Years later, Filters4Air is the only manufacturer of air filters in South Texas. The unfiltered Filter King is on a mission to clean up the air, one filter at a time. Today, that’s more than a million filters every year.

David is happy to say that some of those original customers are still customers, and some of those people who started out making filters with him are still at it. 

He’s also happy to show you his own boxes, with the Filters4Air logo printed right on them.