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San Antonio HVAC filter company pivots into face mask upgrade business

New face mask inserts can block between 90-95% of particles in the air

A switch to mask-making saved San Antonio air filtration firm early in pandemic

How Our Clients are Innovating During COVID-19 | Filtration Products – David Dilling

Since 1995, Filtration Products has manufactured air filters for HVAC systems. The company is owned by David Dilling. Other companies in San Antonio resell air filters, but Filtration Products is the only manufacturer of filters in South Texas…

Reporter's Notebook: Old company getting a breath of fresh air (slideshow)

San Antonio Air Filter Manufacturer Makes Inserts to Fortify Face Masks

With people everywhere looking to add an extra layer of protection to their homemade, cloth masks, a San Antonio company is offering a viable solution: air filter inserts….