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Dirty filters mean more strain on your AC system, which means you spend more for energy. More importantly, do you really want to be breathing unclean air? Don’t you get enough of that running around the city? You want clean and healthy air in your home?

The truth is – your filters work hard to keep your air clean whether you are running cold air or hot air. Think about it – your AC filter stops dirt, dust, pollen, auto emission particulates, allergens, animal dander and other airborne dirtiness. You really ought to change the filters once a month. How much is clean air and good health worth?

Most AC filters have the size printed on the filter itself. Otherwise, simply measure the old filter or the ceiling or wall opening from edge to edge. Most filters are 1-inch, but we carry 2-inch and 4-inch as well.

It is simply a industry-wide measurement rating to indicate the type of filter – it stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. MERV 9 to 12 levels are for superior residential, better commercial, and hospital laboratory use. Levels 13 to 16 are for the hospitals themselves and general surgery suites.

We offer MERV-10 and MERV-13. You will have clean air either way!

You select the size and quantity you want and set the shipping schedule. We setup a subscription for you. You can login to your account or notify us by email and make changes to any part of your subscription – including cancelling it (though we hope to earn your loyalty).

Yes – just select it on the order page.

Absolutely – great companies have great customer service !!!